Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Displays!

Last week my boss and I attended a conference called Spring Institute.  This is a once a year event where Children and Teen librarians gather, learn, meet awesome authors (and take awkward pictures), and socialize.  One of the best break out sessions that I attended at the conference dealt with book displays.  When I got back "home" to my library I decided to put some of the ideas from that break out into practice when designing my new displays.

Right now in the Teen Department we have 4 displays: Anti-Bullying, Staff Picks (soon to expand to include Teen Advisory Board suggestions), Spring books (books with flowers or greenery on the cover), and Humorous books (or books with the word laugh, joke, the title).  We also do as much faceout work with books as we possibly can.

Here's the whole Humorous book display.

Here you can see a mix of different material types that are on display.  There's a DVD case, an audiobook, and hardcover and paperback books.  

We also cut out the words HAHA and LOL and included them.  Plus, we added die-cut flowers to the tables throughout the entire department, and on the pillars.  Also notice books stacked on top of one another.  This creates different levels of height.

Here's our spring displays featuring books with flowers and greenery.  As you can see the books have staggered height.  Unfortunately the picture is not as clear since this display is right near a window.

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missrantsypants said...

I like your display ideas!
The teen section in my local library is a joke...actually the whole library is a joke, it really needs someone to come in and make it what a library should be.