Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Legend by Marie Lu

June and Day could not come from more different backgrounds.  June is a prodigy from a family of prestige and money.  Day is a notorious criminal who grew up in the slums.  They both live in the Republic controlled Western United States and would never have crossed paths if it weren't for the night when one of Day's break-ins went wrong and June's brother Metias got killed.

Now, Day has been accused of killing Metias and June is on the hunt for him.  When the two finally meet, their worlds start to change and they start to realize that nothing is exactly the way they thought.

This is another dystopic adventure featuring a plucky bright heroine.  One of the main differences is that June knows just how good she is and has faith in her abilities.  June can be a bit naive, and the ending of the book does kind of dissolve into some schmupitude, but aside from that I was really absorbed in the story.  Day is a hero who is too good to be true, but so likable that you don't really care.  I can't wait to read the next book in this trilogy (I think it's a trilogy) because I want to know what kind of change Day can really achieve.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Poison by Bridget Zinn

Sixteen-year-old potions master Kyra is on the run after unsuccessfully trying to kill her best friend, the princess, and future ruler of the Kingdom of Mohr.

Kyra isn't an evil person, her potions are mostly used for putting people to sleep or glamours, but she must protect her kingdom from the dark future she has seen for it, and the only way to do that is to kill the princess this time around.

This is a fun straight adventure fantasy full of witches, goblins, potions and more.  Also, there is an adorable pig named Rosie.  I was really enchanted by this story, and read through it quickly.  The end did seem a bit rushed, and I thought for awhile that this might be the start of a series, or that there might be a follow-up, but the book can stand on its own.

While researching this review saw that the author of this novel has died.  This is her debut novel, and I am sorry that she will not be writing anymore.  I think the world could be expanded upon, and I would love to visit the characters from this book again.

-This review is based on an ARC.  I received no compensation or awesome swag for reviewing this book.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Mutiny in Time: Infinity Ring #1 by James Dashner

This is the "next 39 Clues-like" series, and I love time travel and history so I thought I'd give this book a shot.  It was one of the Kindle deals, and while I don't normally read chapter books I wanted to read this one.

This series is about Dak and Sera, two kids who are geniuses and weird in their own ways.  Dak loves history and cheese, and Sera is a science whiz.  They live in an alternate reality that seems to run parallel to our current time.  The world is going crazy, there are natural disasters happening all the time, and the world is under the control of the ever powerful SQ.  Dak's parents invent an Infinity Ring that allows them to travel through time, and with Sera's help they get the ring working.  Long story short, Dak and Sera travel through time with Dak's parents, lose Dak's parents in time, and are recruited by a secret group to use the Infinity Ring to travel with a group of people through time fixing mistakes that happened and putting right what once went wrong.  Ok, well I may have borrowed the last part of that from Quantum Leap, but the idea is pretty much the same.

I read about half of this book before I finally accept that there are so many other books that I'd rather be reading right now.  So, I had to give up.  The cove is amazing, the idea is great, but I just really didn't care about what was happening in the book at all.