Friday, March 25, 2011

I got to meet Markus Zusak!

Yes!  You read that correctly.  I, Kat Werner, got to meet MARKUS ZUSAK!  The author of I am the Messenger, The Book Thief, and more.  This morning at the Michigan Library Association's Spring Institute conference Mr. Zusak addressed a room full of librarians.  He talked about his relationship with his brother, writing The Book Thief, and generally made us all laugh and adore him.  Seriously, he is teh awesome.

After he spoke, I went to my room to get my bag and check out of the hotel.  When I was done with that I went back to the convention area to get ready for a break out session.  Well, whom did I see slightly cornered by librarians in the hallway but Markus Zusak himself!  He was signing books for the librarians.  So, I patiently waited my turn, and approached him sans book, instead I asked if instead he'd take a picture with me.  He nicely obliged and even let me touch him!  Ok, that sounds a little stalkerish...I realize that, but I am seriously still geeking out about it!

I also got to meet the awesome Jennifer Brown who wrote Hate List.  I did not get to get a picture with her, but I did get to say hello, and she was also very nice.  She spoke last night at the conference, and did an amazing job.


Saliym said...

OMG. Im sooo jealous !!!!!! soo did he say anything about bridge of clay ???

Kat Werner said...

He talked a little bit about it, and read (from memory) some of the first page. I can't wait for it to come out, but it sounds like it might still be a little while.

Saliym said...

if its as good as "The Book Thief" I could wait ten thanks for responding !!! I LOVE your blog btw, keep up the ultra super duper good work :-)

Kat Werner said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments! I really appreciate it.

And I agree, even if it takes 10 years it'd be worth the wait for another one of his books!

We Heart YA said...

So lucky! We love THE BOOK THIEF.