Thursday, April 28, 2011

Literary Crushes

We all have them...characters in books that we are completely in lurve with.  So, in the tradition of many book blogger before me, I've decided to include a list of literary characters that I've swooned over.

1.  Gilbert Blythe (The Anne of Green Gables series):
Ok, yeah, so EVERY librarian ever is probably going to list him on their crush list.  But seriously, he's cute, a "bad boy" (at least in the Victorian sense of the word), smart, and utterly devoted to Anne.  What isn't there to love about Gilbert?

2.  Edmond Dantes (The Count of Monte Cristo):
The main character of my favorite book ever!  He's a good guy, who gets set up, wrongfully imprisoned, breaks out, and sets forth to seek revenge on those that had him locked away.  Along the way he learns about forgiveness and true love.  I fell in love with Edmond when I was 12 years old, and never got over it.  I even named one of my favorite stuffed animals after him.

3.  Wallace Wells (The Scott Pilgrim Series):
Wallace Wells is cooler than you are, and he knows it.  He's also there to tell you that you are right, the world might just suck....or does it?  Whether he is gay stalking his hetero crush, hating on Envy, or just being cool in general, Wallace is awesome.  Ramona can have Scott, I'd choose Wallace any day.

4.  Gale (The Hunger Games):
Everyone is always Team Peeta, and yeah Gale so gets the short end of the stick in both casting and in the books, but seriously he's the guy who got my vote.  Gale was awesome, and actually a boy, and not all girly like Peeta (who was nice, but in a BFF kind of way not in a want to date kind of way).  Since I couldn't find a decent picture of Gale online, and since I refuse to use the actor whom they cast, I choose an actor who I think looks like Gale should look like.

5.  Fred Weasley (Harry Potter Series):
What girl doesn't want a guy who can make her laugh?  And Fred is the funniest, ok well him and George, but I dunno I was always partial to Fred.  Plus, he's business smart, what with him and George starting their own business.  And again, with that "bad boy" streak, without being really bad.  Added bonus, he's the only person on my list that doesn't have dark hair!

What about you guys?  Which literary characters have you crushed on?


Susie Q said...

Okay, got to agree with you on Fred Weasley...I'll have to think a bit on who mine are....

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

Interesting blog!...Daniel

The Librarian Chick said...

Mr. Darcy, where are you?!

yabooknerd said...

Here are my 10:
Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice
Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables
Harry Potter
Ranger from Stephanie Plum series
Valek from The Study Series
Michael Moscovitz from the Princess Dairies
Nash from Waiting for You
Jon Snow from a Song of Ice and Fire
Po from Graceling
Alex Rider

Kat Werner said...

Librarian Chick, I've actually never read Pride and Prejudice so I do not know Mr. Darcy well enough to crush on him.

yabooknerd, thanks for the list! Actually in the Stephanie Plum books I crush on Joe M. (I can't spell his last name right now).

We Heart YA said...

Gilbert Blythe for sure! Mr. Rochester too, even though he's a bit old for me. (Hey, he was old for Jane too, right?)