Friday, April 1, 2011

What I've been reading

I'm getting ever closer to the end of school, and that means I am getting ever closer to being able to read for fun again!  That said, I've been able to sneak some books in here or there.  Here's a breakdown of what I've been reading lately.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Vol. 3
     I love the movie, so I decided to read through the graphic novels.  They have the same feel, but are obviously different.  Ramona actually seems like she might like Scott in the books, rather than whatever it is that she has going on in the movie.

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
     Again, I love the movie, so I decided to read the book.  There's actually a story behind my love of books on which movies were based.  A long time ago, I got out of the reading habit.  I didn't read much for years.  Two things brought me back to reading: Harry Potter, and books that had been made into movies and TV shows (this was before Harry Potter had itself been made into a series of movies).
     That said, I've been working on Clockwork for awhile now, and I'm having some trouble with it.  The slang is hard to deal with a bit, and also, I can't read for too long without feeling like I need to take a shower.  I might get through the book, I might not, but I will always love the movie.

Matched by Ally Condi
     This book I just started, and it's been all the hype with the librarian crowd...or it was, and I am kinda behind, but that's what happens.  I just started and so far the writing style is really sucking me in.  I can't wait to get further into it and see what happens.

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