Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Dead and the Buried by Kim Harrington

Kayla Sloane was the quintessential mean girl, and then one day she died.  Kayla fell down the stairs and broke her neck, and no body believes that it was an accident.  Now, Jade's family has moved into Kayla's old house.  Unfortunately, Kayla has not moved on.  With Kayla's ghost haunting the house, and threatening her little brother, Jade must take on the task of finding out who killed Kayla before Kayla does some killing of her own.

I've read some reviews that said this read like a Fear Street book, which is exactly what I thought while reading it.  It was a fast paced novel with a nice amount of spookiness.  I especially liked the information about gemstones throughout the novel (Jade's dead mother was a jewelery designer, and Jade wears gemstones based on their believed powers).

This novel is based on an ARC of the book.

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