Tuesday, October 19, 2010

White Zombie isn't just the name of an awesome band.

As the title suggests, White Zombie is not just the name of an awesome band, it is also the name of a super awesome black and white horror movie!  White Zombie was made in 1932 using a many left over sets from Frankenstein and Dracula.  It stars Bella Lugosi as 'Murder' Legendre, who is a Haitian voodoo master.  Legendre is contracted by a man (Charles Beaumont) to turn the woman he loves into a zombie so that he can steal her away from her husband-to-be (Neil).  Beaumont does not like his zombie-fied woman since she kind of lacks a soul now, and wants her to be turned back into the loving person she used to be. Legendre decides that Beaumont can basically go screw himself, and works on turning him into a zombie too.  All the while, Neil is working to save his bride from being a zombie.

Honestly, the movie could have had almost any plot.  I didn't care. Bella Lugosi is awesome with his super creepy eyes, and Madeline Parker (who plays the woman who is turned into the zombie) is beautiful.  Plus, the sets are great, and Parker is dressed in the super awesome early 30's fashion.  That, and the fun plot, made this a short and enjoyable movie.  I'd definitely recommend it to any fan of black and white horror movies.

This past weekend I also re-watched The Sixth Sense.  I had forgotten how nicely atmospheric that movie was.  And how much fun an M. Night Shyamalan was before he got to be so M. Night Shyamalanish.  The Sixth Sense is just a good movie.

I've also re-watched Dolls in this past week.  Dolls is a movie about some crazy toy makers who lure people into their house and turn them into dolls, trapping their souls in the tiny little bodies forever!  But, these serial killers have a soft spot for children and adults who still act like children.  So *SPOILER!* the nice young girl who survives the movie makes plans to come and visit the people who have imprisoned her father and step-mother's souls in the bodies of living dolls next summer.  You know, before the girl goes off to live a happy life with her mother not caring what the hell happened to her father who disappeared in the middle of the night.  Nicest. Serial. Killers.  Ever.  The girl likes these crazies so much she leaves her teddy bear with them.  Yeah.

This week I am going to make some time for Slumber Party Massacre, and who knows what else.  Maybe I should dig out my copy of The Fog for I love me some John Carpenter goodness.


nikki said...

Sixth Sense IS a good movie!

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