Monday, October 11, 2010

31 Days of Halloween update

So, last year I kept you all up to date much better than I have this year when it comes to my 31 Days of Halloween. Honestly, my only excuse is that this year I have somewhat of a social life, so I haven't had as much time to make note of the movies and shows I've been watching. To make up for that fact though, I am now writing a super awesome note of the horror movies and shows that I've watched this year so far.

I've been lazy in many ways including not posting notes. I've been using Supernatural to meet the requirements of my challenge to myself. This includes the first season of the show, and the new season. I have to say, that the first season (to me) is still the best. I love Cas and everything, he is the super awesome, but I miss the original premise of the show. That said, I do like this season. Dean is domestic and all, but I think (except for the whole angel aspect) that this season is a bit more pure to the show's roots. Plus, the end of the second episode, that was just awesome.

Onto new movies that I've watched this year. Just an FYI, this is my first year doing this challenge mostly alone, and honestly, I am a big ol chicken. So, I am not watching the uber scary, or the uber zombie, movies by myself. Also, so not going to be watching Quarantine, The Descent, or Human Centipede alone (the last one I wouldn't watch EVER), so the newer ones may come across as rather lame and/or tame. But, that's just how I roll, so deal with it! :P

New this year (so far) has been The Haunting of Molly Hartley, Terror Train, and MST3K: Zombie Nightmare.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley got turned off after half an hour. It was a boring ol snooze fest that looked like nothing more than a promo for 90210 on the CW. Seriously, had I had insomnia I would have used this movie to put me to sleep. I'd not suggest anyone else watch this movie.

MST3K: Zombie Nightmare, yeah, ok I said no zombie movies, but seriously this was an MST3K movie, so it really wasn't scary. Plus, this movie had Adam West in it. ADAM FREAKING WEST! How can you not watch a movie with Adam West? This movie is about some dude that gets killed by some pseudo high school kids, then gets resurrected by Voodoo Tina Turner ala Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. He starts getting revenge, and well, honestly there really is no point in explaining the plot because the whole reason to watch this movie is the MST3K commentary. But, again, this movie had a zombie in it, so it qualifies as a horror movie for me.

Terror Train is my third new movie. If you know much about me you know that I love John Carpenter. Now, this movie was not made by him, but it stars one of his favorite ingenues, Jamie Lee Curtis. I will say that basically the movie is Prom Night on a train, except with more trading of romantic partners. Also, the end is pretty awesome. This is one that I'd recommend, especially if you like that 80's cheesy horror movie. Also, added bonus because Ellis from Die Hard. He's as much a complete jackass in this movie as he is in Die Hard, so that's just awesome.

I've re-watched some favorites including Halloween, Sometimes They Come Back, and Black Christmas.

I'm always on the look out for suggestions, so feel free to comment and give me more movies to watch!

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