Friday, October 15, 2010

Another 31 Days of Halloween Update

Time for an update on my progress with the 31 Days of Halloween!  Here are the new movies I've watched:  The House on Sorority Row and The Last House on the Left.  I've also re-watched Shawn of the Dead, and a lot more Supernatural.

I was not impressed with either Sorority Row, or The Last House on the Left.  The House on Sorority Row basically came across as a really, really, embarrassingly, bad rip off of Black Christmas.  I mean the remake of Black Christmas was not as bad of a remake of the movie Black Christmas as The House on Sorority Row.  I did recognize someone from the movie though, an actress I am very jealous of because she got to play the love interest of Scott Bakula's character in Necessary Roughness.  Once I realized this, I spent a good majority of the movie replaying Necessary Roughness in my head.  Sinbad included, I much prefer Necessary Roughness to The House on Sorority Row.

I choose to watch The Last House on the left for a few reasons.  1- it was on a list of 100 greatest horror movies that my friend had sent me, 2- it was on Netflix instant, and 3- it was unrated so I was sure it'd be awesome and horrible!  I mean I've heard that this is a terrifying movie.  And I'd agree.  It's very terrifying...if you are scared of 70's fashion and banjo music.  This was the most tame unrated movie I've ever seen, and the most docile "terrifying" movie I've ever encountered in my entire life.  It was so bad that afterwards, to work through my unstated blood lust, I watched clips from Audition and the Saw movies.  I sunk to the level of SAW 3 & 4!  It was a new low.

To make up for these terrible, horrible, very bad movies (not to steal your line there Judy Voirst!) I re-watched Shawn of the Dead, and remembered once again why it is so awesome.  Seriously, this is such a good movie that I am not even scared by the zombies.  This movie is so great that a guy who was chatting with me online got instantly blocked when he told me how much he hated this movie (well also he was trying to stalk me and find out where I lived, but a good portion of the blocking came from his dislike of Shawn of The Dead).

We'll see what Netflix instant has in store for me next.  Netflix instant, if you are listening!  PLEASE find a way to add Sleepaway Camp and The Slumber Part Massacre to instant!  I do not have the money to by the DVDs right now.

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