Thursday, September 9, 2010


In this episode, I will try to explain my reasons for loving Glee.

Yeah, I know, pretty much anyone that would be reading my blog probably knows I love Glee.  Hell, most of you also probably love Glee (the whole 1 of you that might be out there).  But, and this may come as a shock, there are actually people out there that don't dig the show.  So, I've found myself in a position of trying to explain what it is that I love about the know besides Kurt being teh awesome, Brittany and her inane comments, and Puck being the most dudalicious bad ass GLEE CLUB member ever!

The thing that really gets me about Glee, the thing that makes me keep coming back, and the thing that has made me cry multiple times over the first season (aside from the introduction of Sue's sister), is the relationship Will Shuster has with the students in his Glee Club.  You see that relationship from the very first episode.  During "Don't Stop Believing" we see Shue go into the auditorium and look on the stage to watch the kids that HE inspired, trying to make something of themselves.  In that moment, he realizes he's done something good, and could be doing something great.

In the last episode, the Glee Club students sing "To Sir, With Love" to Shue, and again, I got all teary eyed.  While this may lead you to believe I am nothing but a big cry baby (which could very well be true), but I digress.  The thing that made me choke up was the fact that these characters were telling their teacher, their mentor, that no matter  how long of a time they have together, that he has influenced them in a way that will be with them the rest of their lives.

Why does this make me love Glee?  Well, because I want to be Shue!  I mean I don't want to be a man who is making a bunch of teenagers prance around a stage and sing.  I want to be someone who affects the teens, or anyone, that I work with that way.  I think it's especially poinent to me because I do work with teens.  I know I won't have a huge impact on every teen that walks through this door, or even on a majority of them, but I want to know that with at least a few of them, I've influenced them in a (hopefully positive!) way that will stick with them the rest of their lives.

That's why I love the show, because I see myself reflected in the characters, especially in Shue.  I hate to admit that I relate to the "adult" on a show, but I really do.  And hell, maybe one day my teens at the library will sing "To Sir, With Love" to me....or then again maybe not.

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