Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

Word of warning....THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!  But seriously folks, if you haven't read this book (it's been out three years now) you kinda are asking to be spoiled.  For goodness sake, RIP Dobby is trending in twitter right now.  So, if you have not read the last Harry Potter book, get off my blog and go read it.

Ok, with that out of the a good little book-nerd I was at a midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1.  Aka the longest book related movie title since Precious:  Based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

The final book in this series has been broken up to make two movies.  I am sure this was just a marketing ploy, but I don't care!  Cause finally we are going to get a Harry Potter movie that doesn't feel overly rushed.  Well, you know, except for The Half-Blood Prince movie that dragged so badly I thought I was going to die of old age in the theater while Harry and Ginnie batted their eyelashes back and forth at one another and Hermione and Ron sulked about each other the whole movie.

I will readily admit that this is probably the only book in the series I have not reread.  So, I will not be as super snarky about this movie as I have been with previous movies.  I am not sure of all the specifics of the story, and did not worry as much about if the movie was directly following the plot.  I also was not shocked by some of the deaths that I knew were coming.  And yes, there is lots of lots of death.  The word is in the title people, it's happening.  Voldemort is all up on his power and is ready to rip through the magical world and take over.  He's kill people, for realz.

Some of the deaths were really upsetting.  Dobby's death in particular actually did make me tear up in the theater.  They cut down on some of the camping, and the just plain exposition that's in the novel that makes the last book in the series drag.  A lot of stuff does happen that can be kind of confusing.  And I would say that if you haven't read the book you'd probably be slightly confused.  But, on a whole I seriously enjoyed this movie MUCH more than the last movie.  I was so excited to really enjoy a Harry Potter movie again.  Maybe if I plead enough they can remake the 6th one before the kids get too old?

I am now really looking forward to the last movie in the series.  Although I know that it will make me cry.  One of my super ultimate favorite people dies.  RIP to Fred in the next movie.  I dunno how George makes it without him.  I will say though that I can't wait to see the finale Snape reveal.


yabooknerd said...

I really enjoyed this movie. I saw the midnight showing, tearing up at George's mishap and then again with Dobby. This one really tugged at my heart strings. And I really did enjoy the dance scene added it.

BTW the Weasley twins are favorites of mine too!

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