Monday, December 7, 2009

Wish You Were Read by Todd Strasser

A teen girl writes on her blog that she wishes the popular Lucy would die.  The next day, Lucy disappears.  The community of Soundview is a sleep town full of rich kids, and at first people think Lucy just took off, but Lucy's ex-best friend Madison doesn't buy it.  As the days go by, and Lucy continues to be missing, the town grows more scared.  Then the blogger wishes someone else dead, Lucy's boyfriend Adam, and he disappears too and Madison decides to take action.

I've read good reviews of this book, but to me the writing fell flat.  Madison was not likable, and in fact came across as really flaky.  She's got a crush on Tyler; who is obviously supposed to be a possible suspect.  Lucy disappeared when Madison and Tyler failed to wait until she went into her house when they took her home after a party as part of a "Safe Rides" program.  Madison knows Lucy would not run away, but she's too wrapped up in her crush with Tyler to really bother looking to her friends.  It feels almost Heatherish with the clique full of people who are frenemies, but without the biting wit.

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