Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

Pat Peoples (where in the world the author came up with that name I will never know) has been away at "the bad place" for awhile.  He is currently in "apart time" from  his wife Nikki, but then his mom springs him from the joint and he is back on his way home and on his way to winning Nikki back and ending "apart time", or at least that is what he thinks.

As Pat spends time at home and reacquainting himself with his family, he starts to realize that he was in the "bad place" a lot longer than he thought, and that the life he returned to is much different than the one he left.  Pat believes in Silver Linings and he believes that Nikki will come back to him, and he doesn't understand why all his wedding photos are gone and why no one will talk to him about Nikki.  Pat meets Tiffany, who offers to help me communicate with Nikki in exchange for a few things (not watching Eagles football, helping Tiffany win the Dance Away Depression competition, and telling no one of their agreement), and he thinks this is his chance to achieve his Silver Lining.

I know of the book because of the movie (for which Jennifer Lawrence won her Oscar).  The book was a Kindle Daily deal, or some other deal, so I purchased it and decided to give it a shot after my Children's Literature class ended.  It was a fast read, and I enjoyed the author's voice, but I wasn't completely sold on the story.  Pat was sympathetic, but I wanted more development in his relationship with Tiffany.  I am interested to see the movie and see how these actors interpret the characters.  I liked the book well enough while I was reading it, but since I finished it I kind of feel meh about it.

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