Thursday, February 3, 2011

Easy A - a review

As a Teen Librarian I get to order and process books.  Well, I also now order, process, and maintain a teen DVD collection as well.  A recent addition to this collection is the movie Easy A starring Emma Stone.  I was pretty psyched to see this movie because it looked funny, and I think Emma Stone is awesome (even if she is starting to get a little too Lohan skinny).

The movie Easy A finds Emma Stone's character, Olive, selling made up sex and make out stories to boys who want to help their reputations.  Olive gets a reputation as the school slut, and then starts dressing up to that reputation.  All the while, she is secretly (or not so secretly) in love with a fellow student, and she has yet to even sleep with anyone.  During this time, Olive's English class is reading The Scarlet Letter, and Olive relates more and more to Hester Prynne and the movie goes along.

I could easily tell that whomever made this movie LOVES 80's movies, because I saw a ton of homages to my much beloved decade of movies.  Also, there were some downright hilarious parts in Easy A.  On a whole though, the movie fell kinda flat.  Emma Stone kept making faces, and wasn't as fun and spunky as she was in Zombieland or Superbad.  Most of the "teenagers" looked way older than they were supposed to be, and the romantic plot was pretty obvious.  Plus, what school is going to let a girl go around in bustiers all the time?  Meh.  Not overly impressed.

Also, this movie has the WORST lighting I've ever seen.  Emma stone didn't look pale, she looked like she'd been dead in the bottom of a river for 3 months then dragged out and forced to star in this movie.  She was that level of pale.  

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