Monday, June 13, 2016

Beauty-Full Volume a review

I got a free product of the Beauty-Full Volume set from Tresemme through the Influenster Vox Box program.  I was not paid in any way, shape, or form for this review.

I already do reverse washing with my hair.  I put on my conditioner on the ends and leave that on, then shampoo the top later in the shower.  I've been doing this for awhile, and it really works well for my hair, so I was happy to try the Tresseme products and the new system they have developed.  The products smell lovely, and they made my hair super soft, but unfortunately they also left it very dull and lifeless.  I conditioned with the conditioner like the instructions said, then I used the shampoo.  I used it a couple of times, thinking it was just my hair freaking out, but it just didn't ever seem to do anything to add volume.

I really wish the product worked better, but I appreciate being able to try it.


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