Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Numbed by David Lubar

Numbed by David Lubar is a book for late elementary/early middle school.  The two main characters visit the math museum with their class and manage to insult a math loving robot who "numbs" them, meaning that Benedict and Logan are no longer able to do math.  Too bad the boys are about to take a big math test at school, the results of which will determine if the class gets an awesome reward.

Benedict and Logan must return to the museum, and finish a bunch of math tests to regain their math ability or else they are going to let their whole class down.

This book is aimed at a different age group than the books I normally read.  I did enjoy the characters, and the information about math, but the book seemed really short to me.  I do think that it would be good in a school or public library for kids in 4 - 6 grade, and would recommend it to readers my library.

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