Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Tell Tale Start by Gordon McAlpine

Edgar and Allen Poe are the great great great great (not sure if there are more there) grand nephews of the famous writer Edgar Allen Poe. They are also twin boys who share a love of their best friend Roderick Usher (their cat), and oh yeah...they pretty much share a brain too.  Edgar and Allen live with their aunt and uncle due to their parents dying in an unfortunate space-related accident.

An evil genius decides to use the boys' amazing power of communications for his own gain, so he kidnaps their beloved Roderick Usher and sets Edgar and Allen on an adventure to rescue their kitty napped friend.  Along the way Edgar and Allen are helped along by their famous dead great uncle (through mysterious communications from the great beyond), and their incredible shared intellect.

This is obviously the first in a series, and while the plot was a little thin (I did get somewhat bored at times) I very much enjoyed the characters.  I like that Edgar and Allen obviously love their family, and their cat, and they love their friends at school without being  condescending to people who are obviously of inferior intellect.


Archaznable said...

I wish this would have a cartoon movie or something

Musharaf Nasir said...
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Kat Werner said...

I think this would make a great movie. Or even a cute cartoon show.