Thursday, February 9, 2012


Blog a day is going strong...for two whole days!

And, for granted anyone reading this blog probably already knows this cause I bet only my friends (if that) ever read it...but I'm getting married!!!!!

Last week, on our one year anniversary, my very awesome boyfriend (now fiance!) and I got engaged.  I'm excited, in love, elated, happy, and SCARED TO DEATH!  Why?  Because I have NO clue how to put together a wedding.  Now, I have a year and a half.  We haven't set an official date, but we are thinking Fall 2013.  But, that doesn't make me feel more relaxed at all.  I am not sure where to start exactly, other than looking at dresses and color schemes because those are fun to Google.  I signed up at The Knot website, but they are kind of fancy and complicated.  Anyone out there want to help a girl?

Do I start figuring out a rough guest list?  Do I just go try on pretty dresses?  How do I figure out a budget?  The only thing I know for sure is that I need to hunt down a gluten free bakery so I can have a wedding cake that I can actually eat.

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