Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Maze of Bones: 39 Clues Book 1

My time spent in the gym has been wonderful for me in more than one way.  After exhausting many movies via my iPod, and getting tired of listening to the same music over and over again, I decided to venture into the world of audiobooks for my gym visits.  After much frustration with my iPod, multiple starts, skipping around within the book, and finally forcing my iPod to let me listen to the book in order, I was able to enjoy the first book in the extremely popular 39 Clues series.

The narrator of this audiobook was pretty good, and reminded me a bit of the man who does the Artemis Fowl audiobooks.  As for the story, well it centers around two siblings, Dan and Amy Cahill who are on a race to solve the mystery set out by their dearly departed great aunt Grace.  The series is written by a host of successful authors, this one by Rick Riordan of Percy Jackson fame, and this book introduces us to Dan, Amy, and many others of the "famous" Cahill family.

The action was pretty fast paced, Dan and Amy's au pair is awesomely funny, and I can see why the books are popular.  That said, I was a little let down by the book.  I enjoyed it, but it wasn't as awesome as I had hoped.  Maybe that's because I bought too much into the hype?  Who knows.  I will most likely listen to more books in the series, or read them myself whenever I can make find some time to actually sit down and read.  In the end, I would be sure to suggest this book to anyone looking for an exciting adventure that their upper elementary or middle school child would enjoy.

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