Thursday, June 5, 2014

Accomplishments & Titles

Growing up I thought I would be a teacher, an artist, or maybe an engineer like my father.  I had friends who were writers, but I never figured that as a career for me.  I love books, and have loved reading since I was a child, but I was never big on writing stories of my own.

At 34, I still don't think I will have a career as an author, but I do believe I have become a writer.  I have been published in VOYA magazine and in an academic journal.  I am a featured writer on Public Libraries Online.  And almost anytime I get a chance to write for something I jump at it.  I love to write papers for class, and I guess I just really do enjoy writing.  Hopefully I will continue to have opportunities to be published, and I can continue to write online as well.  My husband knows for sure that I have a lot to say, so writing gives me a way to keep on saying it without talking his ear off lol.

Another title that I can claim, that I'd have never thought of when I was younger, is runner.  I am not the fastest runner, nor the most consistent, but I am a runner.  My New Year's resolution was to run a 5k this year (without stopping), and I already accomplished that back in April, now I am focusing on running faster.  My next goal is to do a 5k at a pace of a 14 minute mile (which is really slow), but once I hit that goal I can move to another one.  Every time I get down on myself for being slow, I remember that there was a time a few years ago when I couldn't have even run a mile outside, let alone 3+ miles.  I just need to keep my head down and keep going.


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